Sundays 9.30am - G10, 320 Annangrove Rd, Rouse Hill

Our Vision & Values


Unconditional Love (Hospitality):

We are committed to the care of others without discrimination as to who they are, what they believe and where they are from.

Acceptance (Diversity):

We accept the diversity of God’s creation and we value the diversity of God’s gifts, people, personalities, expressions of worship and experiences.



with God - Belief:

We are committed to knowing more of the lordship of Christ, led by God’s Spirit, through Scripture and God’s revealed truth to us.

with Ourselves – Reflection:

We seek to know more of God's image and convicting and healing work within us.

with Others - Community (Relationship):

We seek to be community who value and encourage strong, diverse and healthy relationships.

with Creation - Engagement:

We give thanks for God's gift of creation and are committed to caring for it.



We seek to serve Christ in all situations, engaging our special spiritual giftings, heart yearnings, abilities, personalities and experiences.



Transformation (Discipleship/Creativity):

We are committed to the journey of being transformed into the creative fullness of all that God desires for us.

(W)holistic Mission:

We seek the building of God’s kingdom through our support of each other in living the gospel out in word and deed, through proclamation of the gospel and social engagement.

We seek for the gospel announcement to bring reconciliation with God and each other and creation, affecting all of life, both here and hereafter.


March 2022

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